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What are the precautions for the installation of Pharmaceutical packaging machine

Pharmaceutical packaging machine is mainly used for packaging capsules, tablets, pills, suppositories and other solid drugs. Pharmaceutical packaging refers to a general term of a processing process in which the semi-finished or finished products of pharmaceutical preparations are divided (filled), sealed, packed and affixed with appropriate materials or containers, and the packaging technology is used to provide quality assurance, trademark identification and description for pharmaceuticals. So what do you know about the installation of Pharmaceutical packaging machine?

The installation precautions of the Pharmaceutical packaging machine are as follows:

1. Full-time staff training operation and maintenance.

2. Access the ground wire according to the location specified on the ground plate.

3. The machine should be kept clean and tidy.

4. All parts of the machine must be refueled before production.

5, the transmission case watchband oil when the machine leaves the factory, must be refueled before production.

6, molding, heat seal, indentation and other parts of the pressure should not be too large, otherwise affect the service life. Forming indentation of the pad rotation should have a millimeter or so floating room.

The main packaging equipment of tablet and capsule medicine packaging machine is blister packaging line, including several granule packaging machine, blister packaging machine, packing machine, and the corresponding testing equipment.

When all of us operate and use the Pharmaceutical packaging machine, we can pay more attention to the machine above these matters needing attention, the correct way to operate and use the Pharmaceutical packaging machine is what we need.

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