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Pre-printing defects of Flexo printing machine

Flexo printing machine is the use of photosensitive resin soft plate as a printing plate, commonly known as "aniline printing press." Suitable for printing polyethylene, polypropylene plastic bags, cellophane, mesh paper and other packaging materials, food paper packaging, supermarket bags, wallet bags, clothing bags and other packaging of the ideal printing equipment.

Do you understand the pre printing defects of Flexo printing machine?

Flexo printing machine flexo preprinting function in the use of what problems often encounter, flexo dot will increase has been the problem of peer criticism, because in the process of flexo printing is the need for two pressure control at the same time, including the ink pressure and the pressure of the imprint lithography roller.

The hardness of the flexible version usually used in pre-printing is 70 degrees in shaw. Due to the Flexo printing machine error caused by the roll tangent, so also due to the cause of hardness deformation, in the earlier period of flexo quality control is controlled by the above two pressures. At the same time, the skills and quality of front-line operators determine the quality of each printing, so flexo printing quality fluctuation, dot increase instability is also very easy to understand.

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