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Speed or capacity of a Plastic granulator depends on several factors

Plastic granulator set mixing, conveying, feeding, extrusion, air thermal cooling in one, to achieve automatic continuous operation, high production efficiency. The production process is controlled by a segmented closed-loop temperature with heating and cooling systems for mixing, feeding and extruders. So,the speed or capacity of a Plastic granulator depends on several factors.

1.Speed capacity of Plastic granulator

Type of material - Common consumer plastics, polyethylene (PE) and polypropylene (PP) are soft plastics with high impact strength and easy to cut. They can be pelleted much faster than engineering plastics (such as ABS, nylon and PC), which are harder to break and break under strong force.

2.Cutting and tool size 

larger cuts combined with longer rotors and fixed knives result in a larger amount of plastic waste that the granulator can handle at one time.

3.Plastic granulator Tool quality

Although rotor design and tool placement play an important role in cutting, all is lost if low quality tools are used; Low quality cutting tools can greatly affect production because they require constant sharpening and dulling, resulting in a lower pelletizing rate. Generally, high quality cutting tools are made of high carbon, high chromium D2/SKD11 steel.

4.Number of knives 

 the number of rotors and fixed knives depends on how the granulator is designed. In most cases, pelletizing machines have 3-6 rotor blades and 2-3 fixed or fixed blades. Nevertheless, some models of pelletizer may have more than 30 rotor blades. The size of the cutting chamber, the type and number of knives of the granulator, and the speed of the motor all affect the speed of the granulator.

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