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Functional characteristics of Pharmaceutical Mixing machine

Today the writer would like to introduce the functions and characteristics of the Pharmaceutical Mixing machine

Pharmaceutical Mixing machine is widely used in pharmaceutical, food, chemical, electronic and other industries of material mixing. It is especially suitable for mixing materials with high uniform requirement and large specific gravity difference. The mixing barrel swings while driving, so that the materials in the barrel can be fully mixed. The outlet of the mixing cylinder deviates from the middle line of the mixing cylinder part, which makes the machine have the characteristics of rapid mixing, large mixing amount and convenient discharging.

Main features of Pharmaceutical Mixing machine

1. The pharmaceutical mixing machine is driven by an electric motor to rotate the mixing slurry through the triangular pulley and the worm wheel;

2. The intended thrust ball bearing and radial thrust ball bearing at both ends of the stirring shaft can prevent radial movement caused by load. There are adjustment screws at both ends of the stirring shaft, which can freely adjust the axial position of the right power worm wheel, so that the intermediate line of the worm wheel and the worm is aligned;

3. When pouring, start the pouring motor and mixing box and rotate it to an appropriate position. As worm wheel and worm drive have self-locking function, the mixing box can pour the material at any Angle.

4, The machine is a whole machine stand, the structure of the stirring paddle and material contact are made of stainless steel, has good corrosion resistance, keep the quality of materials and clean, do not change color.

5, The transmission mechanism adopts worm gear, worm direct transmission, no excessive noise when using, and there is enough oil storage, can get good lubrication.

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