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How can Precision coating machine reduce energy consumption

Precision coating machine as a necessary high-power equipment, its main energy consumption concentrated in the drying process. Whether the drying process of precision coating machine is reasonable or not is directly related to the quality of finished products, the energy consumption of drying process, the length of drying time and the safety of production.

At present, some factories use energy-saving methods, reduce the supply of fresh air, use secondary air return, and use superconductor heat exchange, but this operation does not achieve the energy-saving effect. On the contrary, the end product after drying will wrinkle slightly, or the drying time will be prolonged, or there is a risk of explosion, therefore, it is necessary to find more innovative technology to improve the accuracy of the Precision coating machine.

Increasing income, saving energy and reducing costs are inevitable strategies for the development of enterprises. Choosing the right method and the right energy saving equipment to match the Precision coating machine is also the strategy of collecting sand into the tower, which is also a sign of the development of the enterprise.

Precision coating machine

1. Set the Precision coating machine working mode and relevant parameters of the Precision coating machine (coating speed, section length, clearance length, roll speed ratio, etc.), and then open the compressed air (adjust the pressure control valve of the pneumatic control box to control the air pressure between 0.2 ~ 0.3 Mpa).

2. Activate drying fan and drying temperature controller.

3. Power on the automatic correction and tension controller.

4. The temperature of each part of the equipment has reached the temperature required by the process.

5. Feed the material into the hopper of the coating equipment and start the precision coating machine and paint simultaneously.

6. Verify that the coated pole piece is wrapped and stop.

7. When the temperature of each part is below 60 degrees Celsius, turn off the power to the equipment heater and stop drying fans and other fans.

8. Stop compressing air.

9. Disconnect the power from the calibration cabinet and control cabinet.

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