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Domestic die cutting cutting machine development in three aspects

The die-cutting machine is suitable for die-cutting and punching of blank mark adhesive. It can die-cutting, slitting and winding products at one time. Can automatically count, count, fixed length, reach the set number after the stop. The unwinding unit is automatically controlled and rectified by the V photoelectric unit. This machine has the characteristics of compact structure, high speed, high efficiency, precise cutting, simple operation, stable operation and so on.

The development direction of domestic die cutting machine is mainly reflected in the following three aspects:

1. Frame structure: whether a cutting or cutting, two or three times should be input energy, cutting factory domestic study on frame structure cutting machine domestic die cutting machine, concrete from cutting factory, design a more reasonable cutting machine, to get rid of the cutting machine production plagiarism phenomenon, research design personalized slitting machine, makes cutting different materials on the structure more detailed, the next round of the competition of the international market, to the membrane enterprises with better weapons, but also for their own businesses to find out the blue ocean.

2. Automatic control part: the current domestic production by domestic die cutting machine automation level still stays in the middle and lower level, although the internal control components use has been very popular, price is relatively cheap, but in the use of the depth of the cutting factory domestic level lags far behind the foreign developed countries, especially in the control system and the structure of the cutting machine, and cutting the material on the lack of organic union, in this level, the vast majority of domestic slitting machine still stays on the thick line, no more in-depth grasp rigor and rationality of cutting machine control system. Domestic slitting machine manufacturers should start from the above directions, to find out that is in line with the slitting machine control slitting principle, and can maximize the use of good hardware provided by the function of the method.

3. Manufacturing: This is the common fault of the Chinese manufacturing industry faces, any mechanical equipment, besides reasonable in design, also requires precision in the manufacture, and China's manufacturing industry is lacking in this aspect, in addition, the manufacturing process is also a weak link, make cutting equipment, in addition to some common machine tool, also need to have some special equipment for manufacturing cutting machine, such as dynamic balancing machine, water cutting machine, etc., for cutting machine manufacturing precision demand is high, so some equipment need to use nc machine tools for machining parts and components, in particular, it is necessary to popularize using machining centers, In this way, the machining accuracy of the slitting machine can be guaranteed fundamentally.

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