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Screen printing machine can be used for what products

Screen printing machine In the printing industry, screen printing presses are used more frequently. Its working principle is that the screen printing ink according to the screen hole needs to print the shape, roll to roll screen printing machine, a device leakage into the flat surface. The big advantage of screen printing machine is that the substrate can be varied, but it is more suitable for printing flat objects.

Screen printing machine can be used to print the following products:

1) General printing: 1 paper packaging printing 2 local UV varnish 3 plastic shell printing 4 metal 5 advertising printing 6 wood products printing 7 glass and ceramic products printing 8 plate nameplates

2) Type of special industry:

Electronic products: thick film circuit, flexible circuit board, thin film button, printed circuit board

New materials for energy storage: solar cells, perovskite cells, graphene cells

It can be said that screen printing machine is a general printing machine, except for water and air, the rest can be printed with screen printing machine.

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