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How is the main power of the slitting machine connected

Slitting machine is used to cut large roll of paper, film, mica tape and other thin materials into small rolls of different widths before printing. It is often used in paper making machinery and printing and packaging machinery.The connection of the main power of the slitting machine is a very important thing. Only qualified technical personnel can do the work of connecting the main power supply of the machine equipment. The power voltage of the machine is generally above 220 volts.

The connection of the cutting circuit shall be in accordance with the circuit diagram in this operation manual. After the Slitting machine circuit is connected, please connect the main power supply with three-phase voltage, the power specifications are described on the machine nameplate, and then check whether the direction of the motor is the same as the direction indicated by the arrow, the action should be completed before starting the machine. The way to check whether the motor running direction is correct is to press the button of "Oil Pump Close" on the touch screen, and then press the button of "Oil Pump Open" to check the motor running direction.

Slitting machine has good wear resistance and lubricity. The purpose is to reduce mechanical friction and ensure the corresponding oil film strength under different conditions of pressure, speed and temperature. If the running direction is not correct, two phase power lines change the running direction of the motor and repeat this action until the motor is running in the correct direction.

The main electric connection method of the slitting machine is mainly those introduced above. We should all operate and use our machinery in accordance with the above connection methods of the slitting machine.
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