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What is the reason for the color difference of Flexo graphic machine printing carton

Flexo graphic machine  production line in the production of glue amount is too large, glue amount is too large to cause glue from the two ends of the corrugated seam soaked, when entering the preheating plate pressure is too heavy, will make the paper corrugated tip wear, and show the line, so in the production of glue amount, preheating plate pressure is necessary to adjust for.

Flexo graphic machine  in the printing, the pressure is too heavy, will also show different color depth, and the pressure is too light, and cause the printing is not true, on the other hand, and the machine speed also has a certain connection, so in the printing of the appropriate adjustment of printing pressure, control the machine speed, adhere to uniform production.

For printing ink also has a great influence, its good absorbency owe, coated paper,Flexo graphic machine  when produce regulate the viscosity of the ink and ink is unequivocal, ink and boring speed, the viscosity is too high, the printed too slow, boring and layout with dirty, when produced so properly regulate ink formula, control ink viscosity, recuperate good ink quantity.

Personally think Flexo graphic machine  first main problem is still a cardboard faults: tile line double-sided machine, large amount of glue residual glue soaked agile to stare blankly peak at both ends, laminating and the surface paper, glue and agile to soaked white board paper, residual glue makes the glue position, cause tissue fiber moisture change, then coated white board paper coating appearance caused by corrugated board paper shorten, the uneven coating is ground during hot plate, stare blankly peak two black line, when printing, no damage to the coating and torn coating oil absorption and water quantity is different, Flexo graphic machine  with when will cause false feeling. Tile line processing: reduce the amount of glue, increase the speed, double-sided machine pressure plate suitable.

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