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Causes of bubbles in screen printing machine

Screen printing machine manufacturers tell you the screen printing machine when the cause of air bubbles

Believe most screen screen printing machine operator know, silk screen printing in the printing, printing substrates on the printing ink after sometimes appear bubbles, this is the common problem when printing, experienced operator and know the place of the problem, you can avoid the generation of air bubbles, but there are also new to fit the operators don't know how to solve the bubble when printing, here are small make up for the share, the causes of bubble screen printer during printing.

Causes of bubbles in screen printing machine main causes 

1, substrate pre-press processing is poor

The substrate before printing, to keep clean, because the substrate surface is easy to adhere to dust and oil stains and other substances.

2, printing speed is too fast or printing speed is not uniform

When printing, the printing speed can be appropriately reduced to maintain the uniformity of the printing speed.

3. The proportion is wrong when adjusting ink

When adjusting the ink, the proportion of adding defoaming agent is wrong, the amount of adding defoaming agent in the ink is generally about 0.1 ~ 1%, if it exceeds the prescribed amount, it will play a foaming role.

4, pay attention to red, blue, green and other transparent ink

Red, blue, green and other transparent ink, due to the small proportion of organic pigment particles, these ink binders have the characteristics of easy foaming. If the corresponding thinner, viscosifier or adhesive removal agent is added, the ink can also be transformed into a stable printing ink with good adaptability.

Screen printing machine ink transfer even foaming, as long as the substrate is moist and ink mobility is good, the printing ink film surface bubbles will gradually eliminate, ink to form a flat printing ink film. If the ink bubble is not eliminated, the ink film will form a ring-shaped uneven film surface. General ink bubbles through the screen, the role of the screen can be defoamed. In addition, ink mixing mixing with hot water or boiling water will have a better defoaming effect.

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