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The key component of wedge backstop: product characteristics of backstop ring


The professional manufacturer of Wedge backstop - Xinlong machinery, backstop products are widely used, such as: printingmachinery, packaging machinery, food machinery, pharmaceutical machinery, etc.


We will introduce in detail the product characteristics of the backstop ring of the backstop. The backstop ring, the core component of the wedge backstop (composed of wedge and cage, etc.), is imported from abroad and installed on the cage by several groups of independent wedges_ It has many transmission contact points, uniform force, reliable backstop, large backstop torque and small wear to wedge.


Due to the continuous improvement of backstop technology by Zhejiang Xinlong Machinery Co., Ltd., the service life and backstop performance of the backstop are greatly improved: under normal circumstances, its service life is more than twice that of the domestic similar backstop; and under the same backstop torque, it is smaller and lighter than the similar backstop.


The main features of wedge: design feature 1 - the curve of wedge shape is logarithmic spiral (r = Ka θ). If a transmission point on the curve is worn out, the pressure angle of the subsequent point remains unchanged (6 ~ 8 °). Therefore, the phenomenon of separation between the backstop wedge and the outer sleeve will not be caused. The service life of the whole machine is prolonged, the backstop effect is ensured, and the potential safety hazard in the operation of the equipment is eliminated.


The key component of the wedge backstop is backstop ring installation process features: the single wedge and torsion spring of the wedge backstop constitute the backstop ring wedge group. In addition to the overall movement, it can also float and fine tune itself to ensure the slight contact between each group of wedges and the inner and outer casing. The overall force is uniform and the wear is small.


If you have any other questions about the core part of the wedge backstop, please call our technicians.


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