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Non-woven Flexo printing machine manufacturer of china

Non-woven Flexo printing machine manufacturer - Wenzhou Mingji Packaging Machinery Co., Ltd., was founded in 1998 and is located in Ruian City, Zhejiang Province, China. Here is the largest production base in China, products all over the world, the vast sales network and information sources for our innovation and development provides a good service platform. 

Our company specializes in the development and production of non-woven one-time forming bag making machine, three-dimensional bag making machine, non-woven flexographic printing machine and screen flexographic printing machine, non-woven high-speed slitting machine and other related equipment. 

Our non-woven flexographic printing machine are exported to Eastern Europe, North America, South America, Southeast Asia, Middle East, Africa and other regions and countries.

What is Flexo printing machine

The rapid development of non-woven flexographic printing press, in addition to the technical breakthrough in plate and ink, has its own characteristics, which is an important reason to attract users.

1. The machine structure of Four colors Flexo printing machine is simple, so it is easy to operate and maintain. The price of flexographic press with the same function is about 30-50% of offset press or gravure press.

2. From 0.22mm plastic film to 10 mm corrugated board, the printing effect is satisfactory.

3. The imprint force is small, about 19.6-39.2n/cm2, especially for the printing of substrates such as corrugated paper that can not bear too much pressure.

4. The low printing cost is mainly due to the low price of non-woven flexographic press, low plate making cost, low paper loss rate in the printing process, and the production cost is 30-50% lower than that of gravure printing.

5. The printing quality is good. By using the short ink path system of anilox ink roller, not only the structure of the ink feeding system is simplified, but also the quantitative control of film thickness can be realized. High performance resin plate technology breakthrough, greatly improve the resolution of the plate and dot reproducibility (up to 1-95%). 

Flexographic printing can achieve 300 line / in color level draft printing, and the printing effect can be compared with offset printing and gravure printing.


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