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Full automatic book box assembling machine

Full automatic book box assembling machine is our company in DHZ-380 on the basis of the latest development cf a high-precision automatic book box assembly machine, this machine is mainly used for bottomless inner box assembly and somemoon cake boxes, tea boxes, health care boxes, wine boxes and other boxes of assembly and molding.

Full automatic book box assembling machine is simple to use, easy to operate, stable performance, change the product debugging time is short, easy to learn and understandthe oporator requirements are not high.

The original glue formula can spray any graphics, and the system has its own memory storage function. Full automatic book box assembling machine product can be directly transferredto the counterpoint, and no need to re edit the glue formula.

Fast assembling speed, accurate positioning, error range in (+0.3 mm), the fastest speed in 600-1500, well received by domestic and foreigncustomers.

It adopts a new internal box positicning method, and the upper and lower distance of the pressure box is adjustable.

The movement of the inner box is clamped by the manipulator to make the product quality more stable and reliable during the assemblypracess.

In order to prevent products from shifting at high temperature, cracking, cold glue system can be added to play a quality and quantity effect (hotglue positioning, cold glue reinforcement).

The electrical system of this machine adopts unified imported electrical, forming a perfect combination, so that the system rurs more stable and reliable.

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