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Pharmaceutical powder mixer machine Features

Pharmaceutical powder mixer machine Features  Technological parameters can be automatically memorized, so you onlyneed to touch the Menu Key for the next production.

Dry powder granules mixing machine  Features:
1.HMI screen cue, Siemens PLC control.
2.Solid and round grain, with uniform grain size and high product yield offer you with the best recovery.
3.Mixing and granulation are finished in one step, the efficiency Is increased by.4 to 5 times.
4.Automatic discharge.
5.Smaller floor space requirement, and short cleaning time.
6.Save 15-25% dosages of adhesive and shorten drying time.
7.Totally closed production complied with GMP.
8.It can still obtain good effect when specific weight difference between main  medicine, subsidiary medicine auxiliary materials are greater.
9.Jacket-kettle can be used to heat or cool the materials.
10.Spraying feature is designed to solve the problem of extract powder granulation.
11.Low noise < 72 db
12. Space between kettle bottom and blade is small (0.3~ 1mm) to avoid depositin kettle bottom completely.

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