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Intermittent Letterpress High speed Label Presses price 

1.Label Presses Adopt paper reciprocating mode. One printing roller could do the job regardless the repeat size.

2.Intermittent Letterpress High speed Label Presses Adopt servo control system to control every roll in printing system, which make the optimized perfor-mance of machine .

3.Optimization of ink rollers could prevent bar marking and ghosting to improve the printing quality.

4.The supply of ink will change pro-portionally with the speed of the machine to make printing result better.

5.Malfunction of the machine would be shown on the screen automatically,which will shorten the repair time.

6.Paper unwinding, printing, UV vanish, rotary diecutting, waste removal and rewinding can be completed in one pass.

7.Intermittent Letterpress High speed Label Presses equipment is suitable for printing middle & upper class labels in large .middle and small batch of production.

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