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Harmonic reducer - break Japanese Harmonic reducer monopoly, robot reducer

As we all know, green harmonic's main business is precision drive R & D, design, production and sales. The core product of the company is precision harmonic reducer, which is one of the main varieties of reducer, and its largest downstream application field is industrial robot. Reducer, servo system and controller are called the three core parts of industrial robot. Among them, the Harmonic reducer is the most difficult part to develop and the highest cost proportion, and its function is similar to the "motion joint" of human body.

In the field of gear reducer, Japan has obtained a high market share by virtue of its first mover advantages and technical advantages. Nabotsk and hamenaco of Japan alone occupy 70% of the global reducer market share. It can be said that whether the Harmonic reducer can be made in China is the key to whether the industrial robot can be made in China.

Green harmonic master the R & D technology of precision harmonic reducer with independent intellectual property rights, which realizes the domestic independent control of precision harmonic reducer, Harmonic reducer greatly reduces the procurement cost and procurement cycle of robot core components, and shortens the technical iteration cycle of robot and its core components.

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