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How to eliminate the problem of high temperature in rubber Internal mixer production

In the production process of rubber Internal mixer, the production capacity of internal mixer is large, the labor intensity is low, and the power consumption is small; however, because the rubber mixer is a closed system, it is difficult to clean up, so it is only suitable for occasions with little change of rubber type. The structure of the Rubber Internal mixer is complex. The raw rubber is subjected to shear stress and friction force between the rotor and the cavity wall in the mixing chamber, and the external pressure of the top bolt on the other hand.

rubber Internal mixer

Rubber Internal mixer heat generated during internal mixing is very large, and the materials can not be cooled in time, so it belongs to high-temperature plastic refining. The temperature of rubber mixer is usually higher than 120 ℃ or even between 160 ℃ and 180 ℃. According to the above-mentioned high-temperature plasticizing mechanism, raw rubber in the internal mixer mainly relies on the strong oxidation chain breaking at high temperature to improve the plasticity of rubber; therefore, temperature is the key, and the plasticizing effect of internal mixer increases with the increase of temperature. When natural rubber is plasticized by this method, the temperature is generally no more than 155 ℃, and 110 ~ 120 ℃ is the best. If Rubber Internal mixer temperature is too high, the physical and mechanical properties of natural rubber will decrease

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