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These machine cylinder knowledge, machine industry designers should understand!


How to choose cylinder for machine products?

1. Selection of cylinder type

According to the working requirements and conditions of mechanical products, choose the type of cylinder correctly.

It is required that there is no impact and noise when the cylinder reaches the end of the stroke, and the buffer cylinder should be selected;

Light cylinder should be selected for light weight, and thin cylinder should be selected for narrow installation space and short stroke;

With lateral load, optional cylinder with guide rod;

High braking accuracy is required and locking cylinder should be selected;

The piston rod is not allowed to rotate, and the cylinder with rod non rotation function can be selected;

In high temperature environment, heat-resistant cylinder should be selected; in corrosive environment, corrosion-resistant cylinder should be selected, such as plastic machinery.

In the harsh environment such as dust, it is necessary to install dust cover on the extended end of piston rod.

No oil supply or oil-free lubrication cylinder should be selected when no pollution is required.


2. Cylinder installation form

According to the installation position and use purpose of mechanical products.

In general, fixed cylinder will be used in mechanical products.

When it is necessary to rotate continuously with the working mechanism (such as lathe, grinder, etc.), the rotary cylinder should be selected.

When it is required that the piston rod not only moves in a straight line, but also swings in an arc, the axle pin cylinder is selected.

When there are special requirements for machinery, the corresponding special cylinder should be selected.

3. The magnitude of cylinder force

The choice of cylinder diameter. According to the size of mechanical product load force to determine the cylinder output thrust and pull. Generally, according to the external load theory, the required cylinder force is balanced, and different load rates are selected according to different speeds, so that the cylinder output force has a little margin. If the cylinder diameter is too small, the output force is not enough, but the cylinder diameter is too large, which makes the equipment bulky, increases the cost, increases the gas consumption and wastes energy. In fixture design, force amplifier should be used as far as possible to reduce the overall size of the cylinder.

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