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Bag production solution of automatic paper bag machine

The Automatic paper bag machine scheme uses single sheet paper and bottom card as raw materials, paper bag making machine which is fully automatic fed by Feida, transported through the paper conveying platform, and then accurately positioned single sheet with front gauge and side gauge, and then sent to the pressing line section to press the vertical line. Automatic gluing (hot melt glue can be sprayed at the same time), forming, automatic folding organ, automatic pressing cylinder, positioning by pushing gauge, feeding into the pressing cross line device to press the horizontal line, then entering the bottom drawing, gluing on the bottom, forming at the bottom, completing the finished paper bag in one time. The automatic paper bag machine is controlled by touch screen, with high precision and high speed. It is an ideal equipment for processing export-oriented bag and high-grade luxury bag machine.

Paper bag production process of automatic paper bag machine

Paper bag machine bid farewell to the traditional manual paper bag production process, improve the production efficiency of enterprises


It is very important to choose a good manufacturer of paper bag making machine when purchasing automatic paper bag machine. Not only should the quality of paper bag machine products be reliable, but also the price of paper bag machine should be competitive

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