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Z8.90 * 130 expansion sleeve with all heat treatment

Ruian Jinghuan Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd., the manufacturer of expansion sleeve, in 2020, we continuously improved the expanding sleeve process

and  integrated new technology on the existing basis, such as z8.90 * 130 all heat treatment expansion sleeve [expansion sleeve]

The expansion sleeve has reached the national level in terms of product quality and quality.

Let's go to find out what the expansion sleeve is?

The expansion sleeve is a kind of keyless coupling device. Its principle and purpose is to produce a huge holding force between the inner ring and the shaft

and  between the outer ring and the wheel hub through the action of high-strength tension bolt, so as to realize the keyless connection between the

machine part  and the shaft; when bearing the load, the torque, axial force or the combined load of the two are transmitted by the combined pressure of

the expanding  sleeve and the machine parts and the shaft as well as the associated friction force.

Therefore, the quality of expansion sleeve is directly related to the quality and process of mechanical products. Z8.90 * 130 all heat-treated expansion

sleeve [expansion sleeve] products leave the factory and are highly praised by domestic and foreign enterprises.

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