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Professional shopping paper bag making machine factory ,adopts sheet paper, reel reinforced paper and twist rope paper as material to produce paper bags

This machine can produce many different sizes of paper bags. It’s an ideal machine for making shopping paper bags, such as shopping bags and  Clothing bag. 

SBR-180 Paper bag making machine We adopt the advanced technology from domestic and abroad, it develop the lastest one-time forming square bottom paper bag machine .SBR-180 Paper bag machine has advantaes of fast-speed. High production efficiency and big adjusting range.

The whole process is finished by PLC man-machine interface, automatic feeding, photoelectric correction, tension control.
SBR-180 Paper bag making machine is the ideal equipment for producing food paper bags, cosmetic bags and all kinds of non-staple food paper bags in domestic and abroad.

 The process contains handle making, handle pasting, top folding (or without top folding), tube forming, gusset folding, bottom pasting, compaction output or reinforced paper pasting, top folding, tube forming, gusset folding, eyelet punching, bottom pasting and compaction output. 
Three bag types are all available on this shopping paper bag making machine

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