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Non contact backstop Application and function 

The backstop is widely used in machinery. For non-contact backstop, we can specify that NF type non-contact backstop is an anti reversal device used on high-speed shaft. It has the advantages of reliable backstop, easy release, large backstop torque, light weight and convenient installation. It is widely used in belt conveyor, bucket elevator, scraper conveyor and other equipment with backstop requirements.

The technical performance of NF type non-contact backstop manufactured by Zhejiang Xinlong Machinery Co., Ltd. fully meets the requirements of JB / T 9015-1999. The product is suitable for the application of related products, with reliable quality and excellent quality.

After years of development and improvement, the quality of non-contact backstop is more reliable. Our various specifications of non-contact backstop are not only well received by domestic enterprises, but also exported to European and American countries and regions. Its product quality can completely replace the same products abroad

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