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Maintenance method of computer automatic high speed slitting machine

Slitting machine is a kind of mechanical equipment for slitting wide - width paper, mica tape or film into several narrow - width materials. Effective maintenance can effectively extend the service life of the slitting machine. Do you know the maintenance method of the slitting machine?

Common slitting machine, film slitting machine, tape slitting machine, in order not to affect the efficiency and service life of the slitting machine, daily maintenance is required.

The maintenance method of  Automatic high speed slitting machine is as follows

1. Make regular cleaning and inspection of the local electrical appliances to eliminate hidden dangers in time; Grease the nipple on the bearing seat at least once a week;

2. The use of slitting machine is by the vertical slitting machine, slitting machine to complete, therefore, to use the high quality of the vertical and horizontal slitting knife.

3. The daily maintenance of the slitting machine should be in place to ensure smooth, clean, dust-free and sundry, and ensure that the sliding part of the equipment is in good condition.

4. The rotating parts should be checked regularly and irregularly, especially the vulnerable parts should be stopped for real-time monitoring, regular adjustment and regular change, and the commutator should be recorded carefully, so as to extend the service life of the equipment.

5. Improve the technical quality and degree of the operation personnel of the slitting machine. The operation of the control part should be performed by special persons.

Notes for use of automatic slitting machine

1. Make sure the voltage, current and hydraulic equivalent is correct and stable before starting.

2. Before the equipment is ready for operation, all personnel shall notify to leave the equipment to ensure personal safety before starting the equipment.

3. When slitting machine is in operation, do not touch the film or roller core in operation by hand, so as not to involve the hand and cause personal injury.

4. During operation, do not cut or cut with a knife or hard object

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