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How are shoe molds classified

An important part of 【SHOE MACHINERY】 is to make shoe mold. A good shoe mold product can determine the quality of a pair of shoes. Therefore, shoe mold is very important in shoe machine.Then how the shoe mold is divided, let's analyze it as follows.

Shoe molds are divided according to materials

RB, EVA, TPU, PU, mattress, patch. Among them, RB is: traditional RB, injection RB and foaming RB. The midsole (EVA) is divided into three types: traditional EVA(CP), ejaculated EVA(IP) and 3DMF.

Shoe molds by parting line

There are three kinds of mold making methods: wood mold casting, copper pole or graphite discharge, carving or NC direct mold carving.

Sculpting shoe molds is like a Texaco mold this mold.

Currently on the market share is high, or to the desma mould of the larger volume, desma shoe mold 】 【 more professional desma mold manufacturers in the country when belongs to zhejiang sheng shoes mold, shoe mold production experience for many years, the production of desma shoe mold products are suitable for the domestic line machine, imported Germany desma machine, machine, Italy goolsbee, reputation in Italy with applicable PU/TPU/RU mould specification.

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