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Pharmaceutical machinery industry stands at the "tuyere" of the times and makes overall transition to high-end

Nowadays, great changes have taken place in the production and operation mode of pharmaceutical enterprises. The traditional production mode has been gradually replaced by intelligent, automatic and information-based production methods. Therefore, in the "tuyere" of the new era, pharmaceutical machinery and equipment enterprises also need to constantly change their concepts, eliminate backward production methods and transition to high-end.

It is understood that China's pharmaceutical machinery started late, most of which are imitation oriented, and the technology is relatively backward. However, in recent years, with the introduction of favorable national policies, the development of pharmaceutical machinery and equipment industry in China has also been significantly improved. In the past, almost all domestic high-end pharmaceutical equipment were imported products. Nowadays, with the continuous R & D and innovation of domestic pharmaceutical machinery enterprises, a considerable part of high-end pharmaceutical machinery and equipment products have been localized, and effectively promoted the upgrading of the pharmaceutical industry.

However, some industry insiders pointed out that although China's pharmaceutical machinery and equipment industry has made great progress, the core technology is still lacking, and the relevant technology needs to be further improved. Taking the crusher as an example, although China's crusher industry has made great development, and its deep processing technology has been constantly improved, which has narrowed the gap with the industrial developed countries, the crushing effect of materials with higher hardness and viscosity is not very mature, which is mainly manifested in two aspects: the product particle size is not fine enough and the product is not uniform enough. Mr. Zhang, an insider in the industry, said that in order to break through this barrier, it is still necessary to take a high-end route, constantly innovate technology, and strive to reduce the particle size of products, so as to achieve a finer crushing effect of materials.

With the deepening of drug supply side reform and the upgrading of drug consumption, the pharmaceutical industry will usher in the opportunity of reshuffle. They will speed up the pace of structural adjustment. Therefore, pharmaceutical machinery and equipment enterprises should seize the opportunity to constantly carry out structural adjustment, take the high-end line, strengthen technological innovation, and help pharmaceutical enterprises to become bigger and stronger.

Some experts pointed out that after the GMP certification, the number of domestic pharmaceutical enterprises may decrease, but the comprehensive level, production capacity and product quality will be greatly improved, which puts forward higher requirements for pharmaceutical machinery. Therefore, pharmaceutical machinery enterprises must be bigger and stronger, develop high-end routes, and match the strength and scale of pharmaceutical enterprises.

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