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Control of leakage on the joint surface of the  Flip type rubber internal mixer

During the long-term operation of the mixer, due to the influence of vibration, wear, pressure, temperature, and repeated disassembly and assembly, the static sealing parts of each joint face are prone to leakage, which not only causes a large amount of oil waste, but also affects the on-site management of the enterprise.

The traditional method is to replace the sealing gasket or apply sealant after disassembling and opening the  Flip type rubber internal mixer. However, it is time-consuming and laborious, and it is difficult to ensure the sealing effect, and leakage will occur again during operation. The most mature is Meijiahua technology system, which has excellent adhesion, oil resistance and 350% tensile degree. It can avoid disassembly and treat leakage parts without affecting the production process, so as to achieve the purpose of resealing, and achieve significant economic benefits. Polymeric materials can prevent leakage from sealant bonding surface and cooler pipe leakage from the main motor of the mixer

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Affected by medium and welding stress, the tube plate of  Flip type rubber internal mixer cooler is easy to leak and corrode. Meijia Hua polymer material is used to repair and protect the tube plate. It has excellent adhesion, temperature resistance and chemical corrosion resistance. The material is 100% solid, free of volatile substances, and can be safely used in a closed environment without shrinkage. The good isolation of bimetal corrosion and erosion resistance of the materials fundamentally prevent the corrosion leakage of the parts repaired by the mixer, provide a long-term protective coating for the parts, and gradually replace the traditional methods in the application of domestic treatment of the leakage of the Flip type rubber internal mixer.

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