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Paper bag machine industry needs to improve its international status

For paper bag machine industry development situation in our country now, has been basically can satisfy the production of ordinary paper bag, in general, the development situation is good, but we in some high and new technology gap requires us to further efforts, the technical strength of itself, we in the international packaging machinery industry has a better position.

People's demand for paper bags has stimulated the rapid development of packaging machinery enterprises, which provides good business opportunities for Chinese packaging machinery suppliers. In the competition with European and American enterprises, China's packaging machinery enterprises have begun to appear. From this aspect also reflects our country's packaging machinery manufacturing technology and international advanced technology in some areas of the gap in narrowing.

Now the European and American countries in the packaging machinery is what kind of situation? Below we look together, Europe and the United States is the world's most developed plastic packaging industry countries, attaches great importance to the development and development of advanced packaging machinery. Objective To lay a good foundation for producing advanced plastic packaging products. It is understood that the current European and American countries packaging machinery variety, advanced equipment, but in order to adapt to the international market competition, they are still developing and developing more advanced packaging machinery and equipment.

Most packaging machinery in Europe and the United States is controlled by computer, so that packaging machinery to high speed, high efficiency, high quality direction of development, in the production of operators more worry. The required temperature, humidity, strength, voltage and quantity of packaging materials are programmed into the computer for automatic control. This can not only improve the use efficiency of packaging machinery, improve the precision and accuracy of packaging machinery, but also greatly reduce the labor intensity of operators. In such a situation, China's packaging machinery enterprises should go out, vigorously develop the international market, and further enhance the status of China's packaging machinery in the international.

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