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Technical level of paper cutting machine in China

Domestic paper cutting machine brand manufacturers to the international market with a hundred years of history to compete with the brand, to the case of mergers and acquisitions is not a few, this spirit is worth advocating and encouraging. However, there is a certain gap between the technical level of domestic paper cutting machine and that of international advanced countries.

The main manifestations are as follows:

(1) The control system is relatively backward, lack of automatic detection device. In terms of control system, China has just started using PLC, and foreign have been adopted by all computer control, using computer control, using computer to monitor and adjust the component implementation, at the same time can be preset parameters, and can automatically adjust under computer control, reduce the auxiliary time, ensure the reliable work.

(2) complete equipment poor, household paper cutting machine is rarely equipped with peripheral equipment, namely: cutting production line.

There is a gap between appearance and ease of use. However, through the efforts of domestic paper cutting machine manufacturers in recent years, the gap between domestic paper cutters and foreign products is narrowing rapidly, and some technologies are even at the leading level. Abroad is the basic color microcomputer program control, and domestic paper mainly use digital display. It mainly exists and sells a large number of mechanical paper cutting machine without safety protection. Computer controlled paper cutting machine is the development trend of paper cutting machine, they replace other paper cutting control methods with faster and larger area.

The price of a paper cutting machine can't be ignored, which is an important factor in choosing a household paper cutter. Compared with imported paper cutting machine, its obvious price advantage, superior performance, preferential price is the main reason for customers to choose domestic paper cutting machine, domestic after-sales service is relatively thin. Due to its high cost performance, practical and affordable characteristics, household paper cutters have a relatively high market share in China.

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