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Electromagnet of pillow type packing machine does not suck close how to need to solve

Pillow type packing machine is suitable for packing biscuits, mitong, snow cake, egg yolk pie, chocolate, medicine, daily necessities, industrial parts, cartons or trays and other regular objects. So do you know how to solve the electromagnet of pillow type packing machine?

The failure of the electromagnet is mainly caused by the internal failure of the main engine, the burnt out of the electromagnet coil and the interruption of the circuit, etc.

The solutions are as follows:

1. Check whether there is a problem inside or outside the host;

2. Check the safety tube of the electromagnet to see if there is any sign of electromagnet electrification, eliminate mechanical blockage, and test the internal power supply when everything is normal;

3. This kind of fault is often encountered in weighing and pillow type packing machines because of sensor damage, bridge voltage fault, wrong line connection or interruption,

Pillow packing machine

Exclusion methods of pillow packing machine

The sensor, and cords or host load in the test for bridge and amplifying circuit or computer output display circuit, sometimes also can appear system stability bad bags is stable to solve this problem to test whether line fault, or host, judge fault in the machine or from the switch, and then solve the problem.

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