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Inspection and debugging of automatic high speed aluminum-plastic packing machine

Inspection of automatic aluminum-plastic packing machine

Aluminum-plastic packing machine can be placed in the flat ground and clean workshop for commissioning and operation after unpacking and non-destructive inspection.

1. After unpacking the machine, first check whether the equipment is in good condition, and then check whether the random documents and tool spare parts are complete according to the packing list.

2. Before working, read the instruction manual carefully and watch the cd-ROM so that you can work skillfully.

3. Install the platform and feeding device according to the instructions in the random CD.

4. Connect the 220V/380V50HZ power supply, connect the water source, and ground the machine shell.

Automatic high - speed aluminum packaging machine installation and commissioning

Debugging operation of aluminum-plastic packing machine:

1. Before leaving the factory, the aluminum-plastic packing machine has gone through debugging and empty operation. It has been checked qualified and reached the normal technical requirements.

2. Before starting the machine, the aluminum-plastic packing machine should be operated by hand with the pulley of the motor to observe whether there is a blockage or not, so as to avoid accidental loss. Then, turn on the power switch, press the inching switch to start the motor, observe from the pulley end, and rotate clockwise to ensure correct connection.

3. First move the three switches of blister heating, heat sealing heating and typing heating to enter the pre-heating state. At the same time, set the temperature of the three temperature control meters controlled by the three switches according to their respective requirements, and then open the water source to ensure the normal operation of the blister mold roll under the constant temperature state.

(1) Blister heating 145°C -- 155°C

(2) Heat sealing for 190°C -- 200° C

(3) About 100°C for typing

(4) Install PVC hard sheet PTP aluminum foil on the respective supporting shafts.

(5) Lift the mold press roll away from the blister mold roll. The clutch handle on the frame of the heat seal roller is moved to remove the heat seal roller from the blister die roller.

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