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Do you know the explosion-proof principle of packing machine

First of all, let's understand the explosion proof principle of the packaging machine: because the packaging machine is mostly some powder and particles, so inevitably with dust. The particles of the pour is good, those ultrafine powder materials (such as milk powder, toner, etc.) especially serious dust. At this time, due to the large amount of material dust floating in the air, those inflammable and explosive dust mostly contain H, C, N, S and other chemical elements. When they are decomposed by oxidation reaction in the air, there will be the risk of explosion when they produce heat, especially aluminum powder, which is most likely to explode in the carbon dioxide environment.

That being said, the explosive difficulty of material dust is related to its own nature and environment. And the cause of the explosion is not the same, some materials are easy to conduct electricity, some materials are not conductive but will be due to packaging machine  operation and air friction with static electricity.

So how to do a good job of  packaging machine  explosion protection measures is very necessary, here a few simple introduction:

1. Ensure the ambient air is stable and avoid exposure to oil mist. In inflammable and explosive environments such as gas;

2. Make use of dust-free feeding station and other dust-proof means and ensure the sealing of packaging machine and conveying system, completely eliminate dust-raising, which can avoid explosion with high probability;

3, the use of explosion-proof motors (flameproof, increased safety, positive pressure, sparkless and dust explosion-proof, etc.) and explosion-proof touch screen and other explosion-proof equipment assembly manufacturing packaging machine.

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