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Widely used in the pharmaceutical industry liquid bed granulator machine

In the pharmaceutical industry, in order to obtain the required physical properties, the factory will use liquid bed granulator machine to make drugs. At the same time, the worker will add the right amount of water to the machine, so as to reduce the friction in the machine cutting room.

Because liquid bed granulator machine operate in high speed and harsh environments, high quality materials and accurate tool Settings are required. The center of the machine is equipped with a rotor, and the rotor is equipped with a specific array of rotary knives. At the same time as the rotor rotates, the rotary knife is in contact with the bed knife, and then the material is continuously cut. At the same time, the material is cut into smaller and smaller slices until it passes through a screen installed under the machine.

liquid bed granulator machine Characteristics

1. Inlet air handling unit

The intake AHU is composed of G4, F8, H13 filters and heaters, with precise temperature control function. The intake flow is controlled by the exhaust fan motor VFD of HML.

2. liquid bed granulator machine Main structure

The main structure consists of a lower filter cup, a movable product cup, a fluidizing chamber and an expansion chamber / filter. The lower bowl,  product container and fluidization chamber are sealed with inflatable silicon gasket and sealed with compressed air detection sensor to ensure reliable sealing

3. Product filter

The two-piece double-layer bag filter (stainless steel filter if required) is an inflatable silicon gasket sealed between the surfaces of the expansion chamber with a compressed air detection sensor  to ensure reliable sealing. Dust sensors are installed on the exhaust pipe and are interlocked with the control system to ensure product safety in the processing stage.

4. Fluidized particles

If liquid bed granulator machine is required,  the adhesive solution tank and spray system with peristaltic pump will  Designed and provided. The adhesive is sprayed into the room from the rotary pump through a spray gun and sprayed onto the top  surface of the product. The product is bonded together by a binder to form a binder bridge to form a binder bridge, which is evaporated by hot air to form uniform and dry particles.

5. Uninstall the system

On line dry cone mill lifting and dumping system vacuum loading device is installed on the elevator. According to the current GMP specification,  design and provide on-line dry cone mill system to form dust-free discharge of fluidized bed system to ensure the size and clean production requirements.

Because it can produce dense particles, and the batch processing time is short, at the same time, the small volume, so it occupies a small area. As a result, more and more pharmaceutical companies are using the machine and customers are satisfied with it.

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