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Work of automatic laminating machine should be divided into which several parts

Laminating machine is a kind of paper, plate, laminating special equipment, rubber drum and heating drum after pressure together, the formation of paper and plastic products. The work of automatic laminating machine should be divided into which several parts, together to see!

1. Gluing part. The gluing part is equipped with adjusting device to adjust the amount of gluing, to meet the requirements of different printing, the rubber roller or steel roller.

2. Bake section. The drying path is generally 2 ~ 3m long. The drying passage of the laminating machine is provided with infrared lamp tube and electric fan.

Automatic laminating machine drying section of the electric heat pipe and fan, the temperature can be adjusted to make the adhesive drying and exhaust gas.

3. Hot pressing part. This part is the key to automatic laminating machine, directly related to the adhesive fastness of laminating products. The principle of hot pressing is that the adhesive can quickly infiltrate and penetrate into the surface layer of the printing in the melting state, so as to obtain a solid bonding interface layer. The hot pressing part consists of a set of rollers. One of the hollow metal rollers contains an electric heat pipe with self-controlled temperature. The pressure of this set of drums can be adjusted.

It is concluded that the laminating machine is composed of three parts: gluing, drying path and hot pressing. Glue, it mainly USES the adjustment device to adjust the amount of glue, in order to meet different needs. Drying path, it is mainly the use of electric heat pipe, fan, in 2 to 3 meters of drying path to complete the work of adhesive drying. Hot pressing, mainly for the purpose of obtaining a firm interface layer, to achieve durable purposes.

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