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Tension control of cutting machine

Aluminum foil after printing and coating need to be printed on the cutting machine after cutting, to be large volume semi-finished products cut into the required size. However, the operation of semi-finished products on the cutting machine is a process of unwinding and unwinding, which includes two parts, namely, speed control and tension control of the machine.

How to control the tension of the cutting machine? Should choose advanced models first, and pay attention to when operating equipment is rolling tension detection control system which is used to accept, to understand the features, the aluminum foil material to use to formulate reasonable tension of rolling process and accept its attenuation and compensation, in order to realize the soft start equipment tension, soft stop, to prevent the quality problems.

During the cutting operation of the cutting machine, the operator should always pay attention to the change of the tension of aluminum foil winding, because it is affected by the change of material quality, weight, thickness uniformity and cutting speed, the tension of aluminum foil winding must be set in accordance with these characteristics.

At the same time, in order to ensure that the tension control of the sprocket in the winding and unwinding process is accurate, the tension detection roller of the winding and unwinding mechanism should be carried out under the condition of higher than the maximum speed, and the surface should have enough covering Angle when used to provide accurate running tension and ensure the stability of product quality.

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