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Analysis of driving technology of rubber filter extrusion machine

Rubber filter extrusion machine is divided into "extruder" and "drive" two key parts, "extruder component" is the key part of "quality assurance", "drive component" is the key part of "forward power" and "quality assurance". The renewal of the distribution box is a symbol of the technical progress of the rubber filter extrusion machine, which shows its importance.

Now, let's give you a brief introduction to the transmission skills of Rubber filter extrusion machine:

Transmission components are the core components of rubber filter extrusion machine, just like the engine of an automobile, can supply power to meet the demand, output power to meet the output, so the forward extruder's power demand has a weak transmission system to supply power. Rubber filter extrusion machine, power display through the rotary motion of the components, the kinetic energy of the rotary motion is converted into changing force, the greater the torque, the more material transport, that is to say, the need for large torque drive system to provide power, complete with the ability of high output.

According to the current development of extruder industry, the transmission system is divided into two typical layouts: parallel triaxial gear layout and symmetrical gear layout. The following analysis shows the difference between the two layouts.

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