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Flexo printing machine printing flexibility and hardness properties

Flexible printing machine uses photosensitive resin soft plate as the printing plate material printing machine, commonly known as "aniline printing machine". Suitable for printing polyethylene, polypropylene plastic bags, cellophane, mesh paper and other packaging materials, food paper packaging, supermarket bags, wallet bags, clothing bags and other packaging of the ideal printing equipment.

Today to introduce to you, flexo printing machine printing flexibility and hardness performance

1. Flexo printing machine rubber hardness is determined by the sulfur hardening temperature, pressure, pressure time, etc., according to the requirements to determine the hardness of the plate. The hardness of the photosensitive resin version depends on the hardness of the photopolymer, which can be controlled by adding a hardness control agent. Elasticity is the opposite of hardness, that is, the higher the hardness, the less the elasticity.

2. Different substrate on the hardness of the plate is different. The plate flexibility, and substrate contact uniform, printing ink color is also uniform, but the image level reproducibility is poor, and dot expansion is more significant. The surface of the substrate is smooth, the plate elasticity should be small; The surface of the rough, printing plate elasticity. Printing field or text, printing plate flexibility should be large; Printing dot or fine line, plate flexibility should be small.

3. Flexo printing plate flexibility in the printing process will have a certain degree of change, that is, after a high speed and a long time of continuous printing, the plate flexibility will be reduced, the rebound is insufficient, in order to avoid the plate flexibility to reduce too much, it is required to keep light printing press state.

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