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Innovative technology of gravure printing machine

Gravure printing machine are widely used in the market, but the decline is accelerating as the printing industry is swept up by the Internet. The effective way to solve this problem is to innovate.

In the past two years, with the improvement of the overall level of the domestic gravure printing machinery manufacturing industry, the domestic gravure printing equipment has been constantly innovating and has achieved encouraging results.

Let's take a look at some of the Innovative technology of gravure printing machine

1. Gravure printing machine automatic fluctuation technology 

In the production process, the automatic fluctuation is tested by measuring technology, the drum materials with different diameters and widths are automatically clamped, and then the lifting device automatically completes the position of the drum materials and equipment.

In the process of automatic testing, the weight of raw materials and finished products is improved, and the production and management are improved instead of manual processing. This not only solves the problem that the intaglio printing press cannot meet the bottleneck due to its normal efficiency and auxiliary functions, but also greatly improves the production efficiency and reduces the labor intensity of operators.

2.Gravure printing machine automatic cutting technology 

In the use of automatic cutting technology, the entire material automatic cutting process can be placed on the feeding shelf, in the cutting process without manual intervention, can complete the entire cutting action.

Automatic cutting technology in intaglio printing equipment application, reduce reliance on operators, equipment, improve work efficiency.

3. Intaglio printing overprinter

The application of overprinter intelligent prediction technology is mainly in the initial stage of the process version, reducing the operator to use manual steps for the version of the balance, directly using the version of the keyway roller and mark line on the screen one-to-one relationship, through the version of the mechanical zero automatic identification, implementation process of the earlier version.

The process of the earlier version has been completed. The system can automatically rotate the phase of the plate roller according to the color of the long calculation, so as to realize the function of automatic calibration position and automatic alignmen

This is the end of the innovative technology sharing of gravure printing machine, more related innovative technology is expected to continue in the  next time.

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