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Innovative technology of gravure printing machine follow-up

Last time we talked about the gravure printing machine, which is very widely used, but because the printing industry is driven by the Internet, the decline in the printing industry is accelerating. The effective way to solve this problem is to innovate.

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Today I'd like to share more about the innovative technology of gravure printing machine.

4. Gravure printing machine ink roller semi-closed ink tank

Main features of gravure printing machine: it can effectively prevent ink phenomenon at high speed. Semi - closed ink tank can reduce the volatilization of organic solvents to ensure a stable high - speed printing ink process.

Ink recycling is now reduced. Since time is always guaranteed between the ink roller and the plate roller, then the transfer to the ink roller mesh point can be effectively facilitated through the ink roller and roll rolling process, so as to better realize the gradual reduction of the shallow network.

5.  Gravure printing machine intelligent data management system 

Main functions of gravure printing machine: the control system of intelligent data platform can read the operation parameters and state of the selected machine to realize monitoring and parameter backup storage.

The field intelligent data platform can accept the process parameters and order requirements of the remote intelligent data platform, and authorize the man-machine interface of the remote intelligent data platform control system to realize the process parameters, etc.

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