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Solution to common problems in the polishing process of Capsule polishing machine

Capsule polishing machine is mainly used to remove the grinding groove left by the grinding wheel of optical resin, glass and metal products after grinding, so as to make the edge surface of the lens smooth and clean for the fitting of rimless or semi-rimless glasses. The following is a summary of capsule polishing machine in the polishing process of common problems to solve, let's see!

(1) Excessive capsule polishing machine The biggest problem encountered in the daily polishing process is "excessive polishing", that is, the longer the polishing time, the worse the quality of the mold surface. There are two phenomena of excessive polishing: "orange peel" and "pitting". Excessive polishing occurs in mechanical polishing.

(2) Measures to eliminate the  workpiece "orange peel"

When the surface quality is found to be poorly polished, many people increase the polishing pressure and extend the polishing time, which often makes the surface quality worse. The following remedies can be taken:

To remove the defective surface, grind it to a slightly coarser grain than the previous sand number, and then grind it to a less vigorous finish than the previous one. Stress relief is carried out at a temperature 25 ℃ lower than the tempering temperature, and the finest sand numbers are ground before polishing until satisfactory results are achieved, and then the polishing is carried out with a lighter force.

(3) Capsule polishing machine  workpiece appears "orange peel" reason

Irregular rough surface is called "orange peel", produce "orange peel" have a lot of reasons, the most common reason is due to mold surface overheat or excessive carburization and caused, polishing pressure is too large and polishing time is too long is produced "orange peel" the main reason. For example: polishing wheel polishing, polishing wheel heat can easily cause "orange peel". Hard steel can withstand more polishing pressure, relatively soft steel is prone to over-polishing, research has shown that the time of over-polishing will vary with the hardness of the steel.

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