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Film blowing machine film quality customer choice key

A special plastic wrap produced by a film blowing machine uses advanced skills to make fruits and vegetables endure. In order to meet the needs of social products and environmental protection, the film blowing machine will continue to introduce advanced skills, adjust the industrial operation form, promote the plastic industry to the high-end.

Packaging is now an indispensable part of popular packaging market, mainly plastic, paper, film blowing machine blowing career is primarily a large proportion of market share, but with the requirement of the papermaking industry increasingly strict environmental protection, energy conservation and new target of progress bar in the papermaking industry, resulting in swelling of paper to the market price of the asset. This makes the market share of plastic packaging increase accordingly, in order to promote the development of blowing film mechanism manufacturing machinery profession, environmental protection and energy saving skills blowing film machine machinery profession attention, in order to promote the high high-end level of blowing film machine.

Film blowing machine Features:

1. The traction horizontal reciprocating swing rotation replaces the mold head rotation, greatly simplifying the mold head structure, avoiding the leakage,  sealing and maintenance problems caused by the mold head rotation, overcoming the quality problems such as the size of the film roll head, elastic edge and so on,  and ensuring a good flatness of the film.

2.IBC membrane bubble internal cooling system, improved the transparency and internal quality of membrane products, and significantly increased the output of the unit.

3. High-precision diameter folding control system, air volume is adjusted by controlling the fan speed, and the diameter deviation of film bubble is small.

4.EPS photoelectric rectifying system, automatic rectifying direction, to ensure the film rewinding orderly.

5. High-precision mold and high-efficiency air ring cooling system ensure good thickness uniformity of the film and high output efficiency.

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