Flexographic printing machine

Satellite flexographic printing machine has the advantages of precise structure, easy operation, convenient maintenance, and strong stability



flexographic printing machine

Mechanical structure: Central large roller type, printing materials are supported by a single large roller, and do not leave the pressure roller between one color and one color. As the material belt is tightly wrapped on the central pressure roller, the tension is constant, so the color registration is accurate.

The entire production line achieves tension closed-loop speed control mode from material discharge to finished product winding, maximizing the yield of the product.

Ink scraping device: Adopting a bidirectional closed scraper, it can print exquisite finished products at high speed.

Satellite flexographic printing machines have the characteristics of precise structure, easy operation, convenient maintenance, and strong stability.

Drying method: Separate electric heating box, with temperature supply and air blowing for safe use of printed materials, and automatic temperature control.

Automatic edge correction during unwinding: An automatic edge correction device is used during unwinding, which can maintain the tension of the substrate during shutdown and prevent the substrate from deviating or shifting.

Material receiving transmission: High performance motor, correct linkage, and constant tension of the low friction cylinder device of the differential wheel.


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