BY-600ZTJ Automatic Sheet Feeding Paper Bag Tube Forming Machine

Automatic Paper bag Tube Forming Machine,Automatic Non-stop feeder, Top folding( interlock type) Optional with Robatech Glue System.



Paper Bag Tube Forming Machine

BY-600ZTJ Bag Tube forming Machine adopts die-cut single sheet paper to make bag tube. It features a continuous function of automatic paper delivery, positioning,paper creasing, top folded with interlock, tube folded and formed, pressing and bag tube output. With high precision, this machine can make handbags with different specifications. This machine is an ideal equipment of manufacturing high-standard handbag.

paper bag machine

BY-600ZTJ Automatic Sheet Feeding Paper Bag Tube Forming Machine

Paper Bag Machine adopts printed creased sheet paper as raw material and features continuous automatic paper feeding system, positioning, creasing,paper bag tube forming withtop folded interlock, bottom creasing, open the bottom, bottom gluing and folding inline.

Paper Bag Making Machine Using PLC control system andtouch screen, with automatic production, which increase the working efficiency and save labor cost a lot.
Full Automatic Sheet Feeding Square Bottom Paper Bag Making Machine is an idea production line to make shopping bags , gift bags, super market bags , food bags, etc.

Suitable paper:Kraft paper ,Art paper ,White cardboard ,Laminated paper etc.
Glue type:
Water-soluble cold glue and Hot-melt glue system.

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